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Thread: Part Failure: Swapping Bolts in a 700?

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    Part Failure: Swapping Bolts in a 700?

    So my wife and I were out at the range getting her ready for our upcoming deer hunt this coming Saturday. During that time, the bolt handle on her rifle came loose. No big deal really, except my normal 'smith is gone hunting himself, and I don't know if I can get it fixed in time for this coming weekend. If it matters, the bolt is from PTG and was part of a build I had done awhile back. My question: If I have another bolt, can I just swap out, or do I need to be worried about proper headspace?
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    You will want to verify headspace with a set of gauges... BUT FWIW, all my R700 factory built rifles were GTG when I was checking this a while back, swapping bolts from one to another just for kicks to see what the result would be with my gauges.
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    Make damn sure you check the headspace

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